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Moanday mourning

Don’t be so pathetic, it’s a lovely day. Our second day of Summer, so cheer the fuck up.

Still having trouble, lets hope these help:

This lovely little gif, courtesy of Failblog after dark kicks Xzibit to the curb (for want of a better phrase).

A new extreme sport has hit the streets of Battersea:

And last but most… yes most, the Angry Birds Movie Trailer (not Rio):

I had become slightly tired of Angry Birds, but the new Rio game reinvigorated my lust for lobbing lark like creatures from a giant catapult.  I think some very clever people at Rovio studios have been doing a lot of research into what people would rather pelt feathered projectiles at.  As it turns out, targeting Monkeys is much more fun.

have a good week y’all!

Happy Blue Monday

So today is supposed to b the most depressing day in our calendar.  Due to overly audacious Christmas’s have left us with little in pocket and a lot in the stomach.  So to help cheer you all up here is a list of videos.  Some old, some new, but all very funny!

Mini Monster Jump:

WTF Japan style:

Genius Soap Dispenser:

Kottke.org soap dispenser

The Many Faces of Louis Walsh:

And last but certainly not least…

Ricky Gervais and his comedy Gold(en Globe):

I hope that has helped cheer you up this dreary Monday.

Feel good Friday!

There are many aspects to this clip I just don’t understand.  Like, where did the Mexican dancers come from? Who brought the flood light? and why are they in a disabled bay?  Oh no, I see… there’s a zimmer frame on the far left.  Now it all makes perfect sense.

Anyway, happy Friday and enjoy: