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Glue Isobar have introduced me to two wonderful things this morning. The first is a mobile development which enables users to experience physical buttons on a flat touchscreen.

Tactus have created a tactile touchscreen that works by pumping fluid into a specially designed flexible surface, turning the once flat on screen buttons into, well…  bumpy real buttons.

Tactus Technology

The next technological breakthrough comes in the form of a dead cat. Meet Orville, after being fatally hit by a car, Dutch artist and owner Bart Jansen decided his to immortalise his beloved pet by turning him into a helicopter.
Check it out, this engine really purrs… or at least it used to.

Orvillecopter – Aircat

A great start to the week, thank you @glueIsobar.

Quadrocopters play tennis

OK, it has taken all day and as expected my enthusiasm has waned from ‘Oh my god this is the most amazing thing I have ever seen’ to, ‘Oh bollocks, I better post that stupid robot thing’.

So without any further ado, here is Quadrocopters playing tennis.  It’s alright.

These mini machines are so responsive you can make them flip, dance and even juggle.  The joystick thing is pretty kick-ass also. It’s like a futuristic puppeteer, nay… it IS a futuristic puppeteer.

Check out some more videos here.  What, did you want me to do everything for you?

Parrot’s go to war

Well, depending on your affinity towards aves, this could be more or less exciting than you expected.

Remember the AR Drone helicopter?

Well now things have just got more competitive.  On the 26th of this month (Nov 2010) Parrot will release a competitive app that adds an AR armory to your iPhone enabled chopper.  This will allow two friends/enemies to battle against each other, viewing the fray through their iPhone as it registers damage both dished and deserved.

I think this looks brilliant and can’t wait for a couple of mates to drop $300 a piece to purchase a pair of Parrots.

Oh…  I’ll just keep waiting then.