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If you were to combine a fuck bucket of things I love, from digital interactivity to 90’s beat ’em ups… you’d probably end up with this:

Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter – In real life:

Created by the awesome GakAttack, the perfect blend of special effects and martial arts, alongside .Start, the gamer specific entertainment channel… This is one of the best portrayals of real life Street Kombat (see what I did there) I have ever seen!

Congratulations boys, that was Perfect! (Or should I say Flawless?)

Keep an eye on this incredible team, they plan to make an entire series dedicated to Fan Fights. If your appetite is not whet enough yet, check out this super-human showdown:

Batman vs Captain America – Ultimate Fan Fight:

Fed into my eyes by @D_NSandNick.

Music with Old Spice

Weiden + Kennedy have consistently delivered awesome ads for the nearly defunct mens grooming brand, Old Spice. Since Isaiah Mustafa first exploded onto a horse and onto our screens in 2010, Old spice has experienced continuing commercial success (yes, we’re ignoring Fabio). The latest Old Spice manly manifestation, Terry Crews, has just released Vimeo’s first (as far as I know) interactive music video!

Watch carefully as Terry manipulates the instruments with his rippling muscular physique. Did you enjoy that? Well now it’s your turn. Hit (nearly) any key on your keyboard to smash cymbals, blow flaming saxophones and drop strings of sausages .

Watch me jam solo, then use the special interactive player to record your own remix. Go ahead, show me what you got!

[This was partially an experiment to see if the interactivity worked when embedded.]

Being Henry (for a Range of Rover)

Range Rover have just released their new interactive and immersive video experience; Being Henry.

Henry is your average guy, plagued by life, intimidated by decision. You, the user, follow his story, helping our hero by making some of the difficult, and not so difficult, decisions. This user navigated video uses two enviable forms of interaction; The cool character dragging feature, allowing you to scroll through the video by clicking and dragging our principle character through the story and of course, the choice of story arc each resulting in a different outcome (and in this case a different model of Range Rover).

If you think you recognise our hero… you do. Hey everybody it’s Johnny from The Wire (Bubble’s friend?… now you get it).

His name is Leo Fitzpatrick and I think he does a brilliant job. In fact, I think practically everything about this is brilliant, it’s slick, well directed, well edited, a great script, great voice over (I know I’m not being very descriptive, just stick with me), you actually feel as if you’re making a difference and that the story arcs and narrative are vastly optional… but the forceful crowbar entrance of the product is awful. If I didn’t want to see where else Henry could take me, I would have hit ⌘+W and got the hell outta there.

But don’t take my word for it, give it a go here.

Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers
Director: Nick Gordon
Digital Production Company: Less Rain

OK GO – All is not lost

So the seemingly video based pop band, OK Go, have just released their latest music extravaganza. This time in the form of an all singing all dancing HTML5 muti-window extravaganza (although it does highlight the danger of getting too close to spandex).

Unlike all their other videos, the four friends have worked alongside Pilobolus, to choreograph this multi-talented, spandex laden, dance routine. It’s pretty special and the the little bit of personalisation presents a lovely finishing touch. Lets just hope the single sales do a bit better this time.

The video is only available in Google Chrome and although some may claim it is interactive… it is not. However the the little bit of  personalisation it allows is quite sweet. Have a go here.

DISCLAIMER: This post has been rushed and created without the use of Google Chrome.

2 YouTube videos that won’t work within this blog post:

As you may have noiced, YouTube videos can be far more engaging than just pressing play.

These latest two videos from Carlsberg and Desperado use flash to enable the user to interact on several different levels.  By these two videos, I pretty much mean Desperado.  Carlsberg is pushing nothing but its own beer, which sucks.  I joke, I joke. (but it sucks)

Carlsberg plays with space on Youtube:

Desperado actual interactive video: