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Bald Cats in Tiny Tanks

This fell into my feed over the weekend and I didn’t want to watch because, well honestly… who’s not had enough of cats?  Really?

But against my better judgment I watched it anyway and ho hum, this ain’t that dumb.

The Whitehouse editors present you with a fine specimen of Friday Films – watch what happens when cats commandeer tanks. Watch and learn and prepare for the Catocalypse.

The question it leaves me asking myself is; LOL Cats were a low-fi instant response to (slightly) comical emails, is this post produced mini-movie pushing the furry (or in this case not so) feline too far?

Only time will tell, I’ve already seen it doing the rounds a few times.

Charlie’s Meme

So I thought Friday and the weekend would have brought us far more Sheen Meme madness due to Thursday’s rant.  Sadly there was only a spattering and the most interesting of which was a meme generator.

So, for want of a better idea, I went about creating my own images…


Combining the existing style of ‘LOL Cats‘ with a few choice Charlie quotes, create a range of nearly amusing images under the title…

Charlie’s Meme

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We’ve also seen the Jefferson quote on YTMND.

More excitingly however, we finally have Charlie Sheen Soundboards!!!!




I’ve also been looking for a good aut0tuned version, but it appears there is not one (yet), but there’s quite a good dub-step remix.