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Catch the Ice Dude

The best video since Psy invented a new dance craze… Well that wasn’t too long ago, but this is awesome!

Thank you @Nikolai_, thank you so much!

I loved it so much I made this:

Ready for Fail

Seven PsychoCATS

If you can forego the slightly saccharine outlook of the forgivingly pretty presenters, then Clevver Movies is a really good YouTube channel to subscribe to. Regular uploads keep followers abreast of breaking trailers, movies and Hollywood goss… but never this-

Ex Cartoon Network and Adult Swim director (and all round doer) Jim Tozzi has recreated Martin McDonagh‘s Los Angeles criminal underworld… with cats.

Seven Psychocats

Based on the upcoming movie Seven Psychopaths (obvs), Tozzi has turned the all star cast into all star cats, to much amusement. For me, Christoph Walken makes the best pussy there but who’s you favourite famous feline?

Check out the original trailer here.

Beer Chase

From the beer that brought us my favourite ad EVER (Don’t worry, I’ve included it at the bottom)… comes the latest in comedy commercial capers from Carlton Draught. Their recent instalment follows some post heist bandits as they attempt a getaway from the local law enforcement.  What separates this from any other classic chase scene is this… they don’t want to spill their precious Carlton Draught, so they make their escape on foot with the police in toe (and on toe). Don’t worry my Blues Brothers, it still contains all the classic car chase clichés, making this commercial… hilarious!

Beer Chase:

This practically perfect 80’s pastiche was created by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne. Good work boys! And here is another ‘big ad’ from that refreshing bar beverage that is… ‘Made from Beer’.

Big Ad:

Via RichlyEvocative.

The Cat and the Butter

So we’ve all heard the old buttered cat conundrum. How would a cat land if it had a buttered piece of toast attached to its back? Or… would it remain in a state of perpetual motion?

This classic theory has not only been put to the test but the test has been put to use.

Absolutely amazing work from Ogilvy, Sao Paulo!

I couldn’t decide whether it was a real drink or just a funky bit of content. So,to put any equally curious minds at ease, Flying Horse does exist.

Thanks to Adam Bright for finding this gem!

Paddy Power – Goal Line Technology

Paddy Power do it again, this time it would appear they may have learnt from their previously pulled efforts and created a clean version of their latest ad to release alongside the ‘rude’ one.

As you can imagine, the clean version of this ad is exatly the same minus a little groan and a finger sniff. You van see it here.

The Tug Toner

I’m not turning into a Jimmy Kimmel fan boy, but I have been watching a lot more of his stuff and I like what I see. Hmm, maybe I should make him his own board on Pinterest… Oh, sorry. Typing out loud.

You may, as I am, also be a big fan of The Big Bang‘s Kayley Cuoco. So I assume you wouldn’t have missed the Ellen DeGeneres private workout interview. Well I’ve just stumbled across Kimmel’s contribution to what can only be described as ‘The wanking work out regime’.