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The not so Amazing Spider-Plan

Greetings true believers and Spidey-fans everywhere.  The new Spider-man movie has finally received its official title The Amazing Spider-Man, I think this is an excellent choice as it mirror’s the original 1963 comic by the same name.

The Amazing Spider face-off

Next year sees the reboot of our friendly neighborhood Spider-man.  A completly new adventure with a similarly new cast and director.  The aptly named Marc Webb will be taking the helm of this new incarnation and directing new Spidey-stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Martin Sheen and Rhys Ifans.  Although I love the Ifans, I feel it’s a shame to recast this character (Dr. Connors AKA Lizard), as throughout the last two films the unspoken presence of the harmless Dr. Connors has been one of the last remaining things to keep me gripped (Yes, I was not a fan of the third).

But this controversy could be countered by the reappearance of Venom, thanks to the complete revamp, this could mean that Webb does not have to continue with the unfortunate travesty that was the Spider-Man 3 Venom costume.   We all went to see Venom, not that 70’s kid flashing his face every 5minutes.

What… was he only paid for face time?  Sheez.

Nothing ruins the illusion like your face.

Any way, our iconic villain may be back as Phillip Seymour Hoffman, although I can’t see how a younger Venom, or alter ego Eddie Brock for that matter, could be played by Capote.

But none of this comes close to the mind boggling alteration/addition/subtraction/advancement/backtracking… I don’t even know but check this…


Ermm… Are those web-shooters I see attached to Spidy’s wrist.  I think they are.

The only major change I noticed in Sam Raimi’s creation was to remove Peter Parker’s patented web-slinging wrist bands.  This initially offended my Spider-Senses, but after merely 5 minutes of getting used to it, I was a complete convert.  Even phoning friends to let them know; “OK, so there’s a fundamental difference… but it may be for the best.”

Yeah, how would young Pete beat all of the leading technologists in discovering an equivalent material to Spiders webbing, and come to think of it… If you already have an audience suspending their disbelief to accept a wall crawling, extra sensory, arachnid boy, why wouldn’t he sling webs from his wrists?

It is not only my opinion that has been changed.  Marvel themselves wrote Spidey’s natural web slinging into the comic series.  Be it in an unbelievable and multi-holed story line, involving PP being impregnated by ‘Queen‘, then turning into a giant spider, discovering said spider is pregnant, spider dying and Parker emerging in a perfect state with added web-slinging ability.  Told you it was a little forced.

Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #20

All of this goes to show that we all liked the drift from the original story, hence my longest rant since (my) blogging began.

Oh well, only time will tell whether this return to (his previous) form will work.  Watch this space!

Play with MysteryGuitarMan

I discovered this last week and didn’t blog it (I wanted too believe me).

But since then, not only has it had nearly 200,000 views, but people have been filming themselves interacting with the video and uploading that to YouTube.  Now that’s viral my friend!!!!

Brilliant work MysteryGuitarMan!!!!

You can follow him on Twitter here.


The uploads are coming in thick and fast.  Here’s my favourite so far:

from LeviDoron.