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Dogs in Tights

China’s latest canine craze seems to involve putting poodles in pantyhose, terriers in tights or staffies in stockings.

Dog 6

The new craze called ‘Gou Gou Chuan Siwa’ is as disturbing as it is fascinating. Simply get your dog to don a pair of ladies lingerie (high heels optional) and simply start snapping away.

Dog 7

Dog 5

Dog 4

Dog 3

Dog 2

Dog 1

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Actually the title may give it more credit than it deserves. The ‘grab it by the horns’ ad for Vitaminwater loosely uses the theme of the meme to sell its non-specific product… obvs.

ah yes, the splendors of the internet. triumphant babies, photobombs, seductive men who strictly play smooth jazz, and of course the cats made of toaster pastry. these days, it’s not unusual to encounter something this unusual. so take a sip of your vitaminwater®, grab the proverbial antelope by the horns, and check out this commercial. yeehaw!

The New Year Rises

Happy new year! And welcome back to normality.

I was without my laptop throughout the festive season so I couldn’t post the early Christmas gift that was…

the Prometheus trailer.



But that is a little too glum to start the year with and with the new Batman movie on the horizon, this is far more suited to see in 2012:

The Lion King Rises


Happy New Year!

Excuse Meme Sonic

Today I stumbled across something we should all love!

Did I say love… I meant loathe.

Loathe for the severe lack of originality and creativity.

Loathe for bludgeoning and bastardising the heart of our ebased mother land.

Loathe for not just jumping on one bandwagon but trying to hitch a ride on every passing four wheeled trend tractor the internet has to offer.

Without any further disgruntled disgust, I give you:

Or merely a meme stream from I Can Has Cheezburger.

And what did their chosen target market think?

Via Fuck Yeah Advertising, or how it shall now be known, Fuck Off Advertising!