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In 1994 PJ & Duncan did prophesies that ‘everyone’s got to be an AKA lover’, and today it would seem they are.

Ant and Dec’s PJ & Duncan single ‘Let’s Get Ready To Rumble’ goes straight to number 1 in the UK Charts.

PJ & Duncan

The most amazing revelation of this nineties nostalgia is that Ant and Dec NEVER had a number one. Well congratulations boys, it’s long overdue.

This welcomed renaissance came about after a brilliant performance from the boys on their show Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. For your pleasure… here it is:

And for nostalgia:

You’re welcome.



(Disk) Drive Time

Those that enjoyed the Imperial March on floppy disk and especially if you actually enjoyed floppy disk (Yes… they once were more than a save icon), here is a right array of treats for you.

MrSolidSnake745’s channel of floppy disk drive anthems!

Here are some of my favourites.


James Bond

This is Halloween (Nightmare before Christmas)


Arabian Nights (Aladdin)

And much much more!!!!

I have to thank Kat Clapham for pointing me in this direction. I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I did.


Cogoo – Turntable Rider

Cogoo, are a Japanese bike lending/hiring/giving company… Well I don’t know, I heard they did clever things with bikes and technology, slightly similar to London’s Barclays Bikes… But then I saw something that no floppy haired moyoron could ever accomplish:

Turntable Rider

You can discover more here.

Or watch the ‘making of’ here (i.e. below).

Paradiso’s Awesome Online Synthesiser

The Paridiso Synthesiser, self named by creator Joe Paradiso, is now a user initiated, online ear insulting innovation that ROCKS MY WORLD.

You can play on Paradiso’s instrument here.

Wired wrote a lovely article about Paradiso’s baby, now housed at the MIT museum, here’s a cute little snippit:

And here’s the man himself explaining the history behind the world’s largest modular synthesiser.

In 1973, Media Lab associate professor Joe Paradiso was an undergraduate at Tufts University, and didn’t know anyone who had built an analog music synthesizer, or “synth,” from scratch. 

It was a time, he says, when information and parts for do-it-yourself projects were scarce, and digital synthesizer production was on the rise. But, he decided to tackle the project — without any formal training — and sought out advice from local college professors, including his now-colleague in the Media Lab, Barry Vercoe. Paradiso gathered information from manufacturers’ data sheets and hobbyist magazines he found in public libraries. He taught himself basic electronics, scrounged for parts from surplus stores and spent a decade and a half building modules and hacking consumer keyboards to create the synth, which he completed in the 1980s. 

That synthesizer, probably the world’s largest with more than 125 modules (http://web.media.mit.edu/~joep/modlist.html), is now on display in the MIT Museum. 

Every few weeks, Paradiso changes the complex configurations of wires connecting the synthesizer’s modules, called “patches,” to create a new sonic environment. The synthesizer streams live online 24 hours a day at http://synth.media.mit.edu; starting this week, visitors to the synthesizer’s website can even change the patch parameters online. 

Learn more about Paradiso’s synthesizer!http://web.media.mit.edu/~joep/synth.html


Kinecting Music and Dance

Developer and musician Chris Vik combines his two loves with dancer Paul Walker (not from Fast and Furious fame) to create this beautiful display of flopping about like a fairy to create music.

This is a performance of a dance development @ PACT Theatre, Feb 2012. The music in this dance piece is being created live by the dancer’s movements. It is done using Microsoft’s Kinect motion tracking camera and custom software developed by Chris Vik.

Developer: Chris Vik
Dancer: Paul Walker

Gorillaz DoTheirThing

The Gorillaz combine different animation styles with real life footage, Andre 3000, James Murphy and their Converse trainer to create their latest music video…


The video was made to promote the trainer, and you now get a free DoYaThing single with every purchase.