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Portal: No Escape

I hardly ever digress to the levels of text speak, but OMG!

This absolutely frigging amazing from the moment it starts to the second the credits start rolling. If you love Portal you may wet yourself, if you like good ideas, excellent production and good film, you are in for an absolute treat.

Portal: No Escape

Beautifully directed by Dan Trachtenberg

Wonderfully produced by Cathleen Alexander, Stephen Hens and Ashley Adams

Amazing score provided by Mike Zarin


Engrave Danger

So, this is how I see the conversation going:

CALLER: ‘Hi I’d like to purchase one of those iPod’s I’ve been hearing all about.’

(IRONIC) APPLE GENIUS: ‘OK Ma’am, would you like an iPod Nano, Shuffle, Touch or classic?’

CALLER: ‘The iPod touch please, yes definitely.’

GENIUS: ‘Excellent choice Madam, would that be 8GB, 32GB or 64GB?

CALLER: ‘Well I am treating myself… Go on, 64GB, it’s not often I get something so special.’

GENIUS: ‘And what would you like engraved on your 64GB iPod touch?’

CALLER: ‘Oh, no thanks.  I don’t want my iPod engraved.’

GENIUS: ‘Excellent madam, that’s £336.00 thank you.’

The very next day…

Alternatively they may have ordered online, in which case, it’s their own stupid fault for typing that in the text box.