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I have finally released my latest and greatest Tumblr blog to date.

          WIDEST NECKS

At the end of last year the NFL put together a list of the widest necks in the game.

Here our some of our sporting heroes:

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But this year I’m creating my very own wideneck community (with a little help from Apple’s PhotoBooth and my friends).

Using a little mirror affect and a jaunty angled neck…

Here’s some I made earlier

So what are you waiting for?
Check out some of the other colossal necks on the blog and even add your own.

Good luck!

Norte Photoblocker

From the amazing bastards that brought you The Best Excuse Ever comes a practical piece of protection against anti-social media.

Norte Photoblocker


So you can now avoid pictures like this ever seeing the light of facebook:


Just another piece of genius from Argentinian agency Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi.

Via Nathalie Turton

iFound you

The second post on today’s theme of ‘iPhone cameras’. Well it’s not actually a planned theme, it’s merely two posts in row, I just thought that sounded more official.

But here it is:


This sleuth savvy app allows any (jailbroken) iPhone 4 to instantly capture the crim that tries to peek into your precious without permission.  It captures both their image and location and instantly forwards them on to your email address, as soon as they unwittingly enter an incorrect password.  SNAP!

Here’s a working demo:

New look Facebook

It’s never long before some clever dick invents a creative way of using things and the new facebook layout is no exception.

Many have scoffed at the lack of status and the addition of latest photo’s being the new top priority, but whilst these fellows were weeping into their web cams, others took the initiative to make something of this new found opportunity.

Take these two for example:

And there’s always one that tops them all: