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T-Mobile creates a live Angry Birds – Lies are for sharing:

T-Mobile have done it again!

Back in May the infamous T-mobile managed to absolutely destroyed another beautiful idea. This time they’ve taken the world’s favourite iPhone game and made it into a badly acted and poorly produced excuse for a live event. Now I’ve finally got over them trying to claim the flash mob by creating a rehearsed piece of painstakingly shite choreography, because they didn’t. I looked through their press releases and other statements and it turns out that they do always refer to it as a stunt. But this latest piece of marketing (ignoring the right Royal pigs ear they previously put out) persuades me to think of them more as something that rhymes with the aforementioned stunt.

Here… watch for yourself. Notice how their oh so precious smart phone is not secured to anything. See how the bird breaks through the wooden casket time and time again (without repair) and last but not least, exploding projectiles in an unmanned area? I don’t think so.

For the first time ever, watch how people use a simple smartphone to play a life-size version of the cult Angry Birds game. Complete with real shooting birds and exploding pigs!

So I’m not overly impressed and left wondering why the ASA have not already cut out the eyes from all those responsible. I mean stopped it. Of course I could be wrong and as with the flash mob I’d love someone to convince me otherwise.

Life is for sharing, yet impossible if it only exists within a closed set.

Angry Bird-day cake

When young Ben turned 6, his Father, creator of ever more elaborate cakes, decided to make him a fully functional Angry Bird cake.  Well… I say fully functional but I didn’t see the little bluebirds splitting into three.

I feel creator Mike may have had more fun than neigh on unenthusiastic Ben.  Come on Ben, if you’re not impressed with the worlds most addictive game combined with a cake that you’re actually supposed to destroy… You’re Dad’s just given you a catapult.

There’s no pleasing some kids.

It’s become a family tradition that I make increasingly ridiculous birthday cakes for my kids each year. So with my little boy Ben turning 6-years-old over the weekend, and appreciating his love of Angry Birds, I thought I’d have a shot a making him a playable Angry Birds birthday cake with working catapult and iced birds as ammunition.

Ac-real-ic paint job

Once again bowled over by art, this concept takes what I loved from the realistic work of Paul Lung and Alyssa Monks and spins it on its head (for want of a far less wanky expression).  Alexa Meade uses real people and makes them look like the painting, in this awesome subversion of paint on canvass, art stops imitating life and just becomes it.

Check out more of her awesome work on her flickr page.