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Guillermo del Terror

To celebrate the release of their latest Halloween offering, ‘Treehouse of Horrors XXIV’, Matt Groening is putting Simpsons’ iconic couch gag in the fantastically horrible hands of Guillermo del Toro (apparently they have a good eye for this).


Del Toro did more than just a quick TV gag, he went to ghost town and created a 2 minute 45 second intro, transforming our beloved Simpsons’ characters into the most feared creatures from horror-history. The intro is packed with so many references it will keep your wide eyes glued to the screen for the entire time and even then you’d be hard pressed to spot them all. There is an obvious slant towards Del Toro’s on films but that just makes it more enjoyable, I  let out inward squeel when I saw Homer morph into a reaper from Blade 2 or on seeing  Groundskeeper Willie as  Red (Hellboy not Morgan Freeman).

Treehouse of Horror XXIV Couch Gag by Guillermo del Toro

The episode will air this Sunday (06/10/13). Happy Halloween everyone!

Thanks to @Steve_Jude for sending me this.

20 Seasons of Simpson’s D’OH!

This morning I heard a familiar sound coming from a colleagues computer…


UPROXX covered it pretty nicely:

‘Someone, specifically a YouTuber going by the name of Andrewjcm, spent who knows how long compiling this compilation of each instance Homer Simpson uttered the word “Doh” in seasons 1-20 of The Simpsons. That’s some dedication right there!

And not to beat a dead horse here, but this is a perfect example of the type of wonderful internet creation that SOPA/PIPA would endanger. Andrewjcm could go to jail for making this, in fact! Just something to think about. GOOD MORNING!’


The intelligence behind the Simpson’s is what has helped it stand the test of time, as well appeal to every level, of every age of every walk of life. And there is no character within the Simpsons that has more comedic depth and diversity than McBain:

Actually this was never my opinion, until CollegeHumour informed me of the comedy behind the comedy.  Apparently, if you place each mini-sode of McBain back to back in chronological order, it will create its own story line.

Watch THE MOVIE here.

I thought this was a blindingly clever concept, another example as to how deep the comedy crimson of The Simpsons really does run. Good work Groening.

New Simpsons intro

Due to Simpsons turning HD last Sunday (15/2/09), they have altered the intro.
It’s only the second time in its 20 year career the intro has been changed, but they couldn’t let the first one slide without a shameless HD plug, see if you can’t spot it.

HA!… I mean DOH!
AY CARUMBA… Get bent!!!

eat my shorts