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The Best of Benton/Fenton

For those of you who didn’t see the original mutt based mayhem, here’s Fenton (originally considered to be called Benton) in Richmond Park.


Jesus Christ in Richmond park

Within a week Fenton the deer seeking dog has become an internet phenomenon and now he’s at it again, this time he is praying on bigger beasts:

Jurassic Pa-BENTON!

Via @the_defiance

King Benton – FIXED

By Martin Senyszak.


Benton in London



Via @Sebashton


And of course, my own entries…

Running with Benton


Benton vs Fireworks

And so it continues…

Benton the dog vs Starship Troopers – Jesus Christ!

Benton’s trip to Africa

Yakety Sax Edit


Hitler’s even had a go:

Adolf Hitler in Richmond Park

And there’s even more from creator Southparkalot on his YouTube Channel, including Jesus Christ in 300 and Jesus Christ Throws a Shoe at George Bush.

And it turns out I even like…

Benton Streisand

Here’s one I actually wanted to do myself. Benton vs The Wicker Man. It’s something about Edward Woodwards screams that I find absolutely terrifying:

Benton Meets Wickerman

Jesus Christ in The Birds

Benton/Fenton Pitch Invasion

Jesus Christ and Indiana Jones

And they keep on coming.

Here’s Alien, 28 Weeks Later, Jumanji, Braveheart, Lord of the Rings, Trainspotting, Jaws, The Birds, Mars Attack,  The Thing and the list keeps going.

Most of them I don’t actually find that good, and I’ve left a lot out, and there’s not enough hours in the day to keep updating so unless something amazing (like Benton vs Fireworks) comes along… I may have to call it a day.

All brought to my attention thanks to ThePoke.co.uk

The creators of the video have come forward, to talk about the media attention as well as the dos actual name… Fenton:

Predator the Musical

They’ll lead you to believe this is a fan made video using clips from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1987 classic ‘Predator‘, but I happen to know otherwise.   John McTieran (director) actually based the film on Arnie’s year three university project ‘If it bleeds we can kill it’.  McTieran was so impressed with the production he used the entire cast (and some of the footage) from the early project.

I think Arnie is a man of more talents than we may ever know.

Created by legolambs
Via @GavRov

I like good spoof ads…

Unfortunately for me, I suffer from a relatively common condition called ‘cantgetthatfuckingsongoutmyhead syndrome’, overplayed ads contribute majorly to this condition especially those that are based around a song or jingle.  One ad in particular had been causing me great irritation, but fortunately Newsagent Provocateur found a cure:

This video was used in the sell-out live comedy show Newsagent Provocateur at the Hawth Theatre, Crawley.
To find out more and watch more videos..go to www.newsagentprovocateur.com
Video was filmed and directed by James Adair.

LEAKED: iPhone ad

This app will seamlessly help you track, stalk, even replace your ex-girlfriend.

So, if you want to check what your slut bag of an ex-girlfriend is doing, even if the only reason is to torture yourself mercilessly with the fact that she has a life…

There’s an app for that:


Narration: Matt Mayer
Ex-Girlfriend: Lauren Adams
Matched Girl: Cody Lindquist
Other Faces: Erin Kilkenny, Katy Horan, Rebecca Pappas, Dave Zackin, Melinda Taub