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Delta Heavy – Get By

Delta Heavy have created their latest Music Video (Get By) by generally mashing, smashing and crushing all those games I used to love as a child, in order to create some stop motion magic!

Via b3ta

Chuck Norris – The Real Avenger

Marvel at more amazingly smooth stop motion madness as Patrick Boivin reveals to the world the one true Avenger.


Patrick made his Chuck Norris action figure using That’s My Face, pretty clever stuff at face value.

It’s Showtime for Animators

Showtime have managed to combine all of my favourite YouTube animators, actors and artists to create a series of excellent clips called Shortstories.


Simon’s Cat


Bill Plympton

Mystery Guitar Man

Thank you Showtime for making/wasting my day.
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Reoccurring News

I seem to reference this video at least once a month, yet it takes me nearly that long to find it. So I’m posting this for reference purposes only… And it’s pretty cool.

This is a perfect example of forward thinking.



And may I never have to crawl through interwebs to find this again!


Gulp – The World’s Largest Stop Motion Animation

From the mobile phone company that brought you the world’s smallest stop motion animation, now comes an even bigger project…

GULP – The World’s Largest Stop Motion Animation

Yes, shot completely on an N8, even the night bit. Yeah… those clever little buggers. they used cranes and shit.

Here’s how they did it:

Good stuff W+K