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Sizzling Daredevil Trailer

Don’t mistake what you are about to see for another waste of space fan-made trailer. This is Joe Carnahan’s (Director of The Grey and Smokin’ Aces) recent pitch to  Twentieth Century Fox, for his reimagining of the super sensitive, claret clad, Marvel hero… Daredevil.

Unfortunately Fox had a finite time to get a film into production before the Daredevil rights reverted back to Disney/Marvel. Last night Carnahan tweeted “DD pitch was tremendous and everyone flipped for it. The clock ticked down at Fox, that’s why it went tits up”.


A New Trailer Rises (plus Prometheus)

What an epic way to start the week.

Not only did Sunday night take us to the far ends of the Earth… nay, universe with the latest trailer in Ridley Scott‘s eagerly anticipated Aliens prequel Prometheus but yesterday Christopher Nolan blessed us with tension building teaser for the last instalment of the Dark Knight trilogy, TheDark Knight Rises.

And here they both are:

Prometheus – International launch trailer

This was probably one of the most effectively publicised trailer releases I have ever witnessed, mainly thanks to Zeebox (your TV sidekick). To rally support for both the upcoming film and TV’s  rapidly growing social partner, Zeebox, they ran a ticket giveaway awarding a lucky few Tweeters that hashtagged #AreYouWatchingThis and #Zeebox during the initial airing of the trailer on Channel4. By the looks of things on Twitter it would appear hundreds tuned in not to watch Showtime’s new hit TV series Homeland but instead to sit through the ads (WIN!).

The Dark Knight Rises – Trailer #3

And if you thought it couldn’t get any better, Nolan releases more footage of the legendary Dark Knight, featuring more explosion, more characters, more plot and more atmosphere than a basketball match against real Bears and Raptors.
If you were to ask me, which you didn’t but you’re getting it anyway. I think he gave away a little too much, especially that last little snippet (if you haven’t got there yet, don’t ruin it for yourself). It also helped reassure me that despite Bane having only a fraction of his titan based body, Tom Hardy is still going to make him an enemy to remember AND that Anne Hathaway will indeed make a shit Catwoman.

(Thanks to @VickyHinault for the Dark Knight trailer)

Last Week on the Net

Last week I was at home in the sticks, with an internet signal as strong as a baby’s little toe. I became so annoyed at the word ‘Buffering’ I soon gave up on the whole thing. Here are just a few of the items that seemed to draw me in before giving me the metaphorical finger:

Red Ted Band Trailer

I was able to see were giffs of Marky Mark singing the Thunder song with the new bear on the block, which only made matters worse.

Project Glass

This really frustrated me, I wanted to see what was all shiny and new in the tech world… oh, and the inevitable parodies that were to follow:

Augmented Lolz

And none of this was more frustrating than not being able to hear what Snoop had to say about his new book. So Snoop, drop it like it’s hard(back).

It feels so good to get all that off my chest.

The New Year Rises

Happy new year! And welcome back to normality.

I was without my laptop throughout the festive season so I couldn’t post the early Christmas gift that was…

the Prometheus trailer.



But that is a little too glum to start the year with and with the new Batman movie on the horizon, this is far more suited to see in 2012:

The Lion King Rises


Happy New Year!

I’m Batman

This Friday sees the release of the most anticipated game EVER!.. Arkham City!

Alright I’m a fan boy, but it will be awesome.

Now watch this viral before I bat-slap you upside your head.

“You’re like Two-Face and both sides of your face are ugly”

Via the Sned Head once again. Follow him here.

Avengers Trailer #1

It’s a week overdue, but I thought I’d still stick it in a blog as I intend to keep this post updated as and when new (official) Avengers related things emerge on the internets.

To be continued…

Get High in FiberOne

I’m still finding this hard to believe:

The legendary stoners Cheech and Chong are back (although looking a little long in the tooth) promoting high times and a high fibre diet…?

WTF? I hear you tweet.

Well you are right to ask, I myself had to click through a variety of products and homepages before I actually believed it. But this awesome trailer for a fake movie has one goal in mind… Sell more mystical magic brownies. I’m sure they must be at least pushing some trading standards by insinuating their chocolate treats contain THC’s but I don’t care. It’s good to see a relatively dull brand do some really exciting stuff. Keep it up.


Honestly… here’s the homepage:





Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey

I can remember the first time I saw the man behind the muppet. To say the least it was surprising to see the grown giant Kevin Clash was responsible for both puppeteering as well as the cute and squeeky voice of everyone’s most loved fuzzball.

Now they’ve delved deeper and have made a multi accoladed documentary about the seemingly misplaced muppet master.



See more here at beingelmo.com

Via @themightybeard and then later @sebashton

Human Centipede 2 [Full Sequence]

It took me a long time to find this trailer and unfortunately for us in the UK, it may be all we see of the full movie.

So if it is at all possible, please enjoy:


Proposed release date for the rest of the world is October 7th.

However, director Tom Six did release this lovely little monologue:


Sick pony loving bastard… good work!

The Amazing Leaked Trailer

Last week we got to enjoy the leaked Dark Knight Rises Trailer:

And this week it’s the turn of…

The Amazing Spider Man!

Unfortunately I can’t find the HD version anymore, but I assure you it looks really really shiny, in fact I may go as far to say too much. We all wonder where Toby Maguire got his seamstress skills from but this is taking it too far.More complaints after the break)


So all the heritage and plot development that Sam Raimi successfully (lets ignore most of the third film) built up has been demolished. Did anyone else notice that his University professor was Dr Connors AND only had one arm? Well he did but now it doesn’t matter. I was also, after obvious initial disgust, in agreement with the removal of the web slingers. After all, it is far more believable that a man, after being bitten by a radioactive spider and taking on several arachnid characteristics can fire webbing than a teenage kid developing the equipment to fire impossibly strong fluid from his wrist and BLAH!!!! It makes me mad.
Oh and the rooftop running scene. Clearly Marc Webb (fitting I know) has played Mirrors Edge.