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Underground Proposal

I wouldn’t normally post viral videos of proposals or people singing, but this is underground:

Actually I find it a bit annoying but it’s a friend’s friend, so a worthy post for that reason alone.


Personally I prefer these dudes:

Naturally 7 on a Subway.

Tube Refund

Ever had to suffer over 15minutes of underground armpit in London’s tube stations without any signs of a train???
Well, did you know you’re entitled to a refund because of this?

No… neither did I, but now you can claim a refund from your iPhone, I’m all over it!

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Fact: If your tube journey is delayed by more than 15 minutes you are entitled to a full refund of a single fare for your journey*

Fact: There were 1371 delays between January and September 2009. That works out to approximately 42 delays a week!** Did any of these affect you?

**** The Ultimate Form Filling Application That Actually Makes You Money***

If you use the tube every week day to go to work, it means that on an average week you are almost guaranteed to be delayed. More than likely you will be delayed two or three times in the week and before you just had to live with it.

But not anymore!

Now with the Tube Refund Application you can claim back a full single journey fare at the touch of a few buttons!


•Tube ticket prices are increasing on regular basis
•The service has not improved
•Tubes are overcrowded
•Delays and strikes are a regular occurrence

Refund Forms

London Underground does provide refunds if Tube journeys are delayed by more than 15 minutes, however:

1)Not many people know about this refund scheme
2)The paper form takes time to fill out and you have to ask for it from the station staff.
3)By the time you get to work late and catch up – you have forgotten that you need to fill out a refund form.


An automated service to make it easier for you to claim your refunds in a few 4 simple steps:

1)When you first get the application you will enter your travel details and ticket details. These will be safely stored on your phone.

2)The next time you have a delay – you only have to fill out one form with the specifics of your delay (time / date etc).

3)The Tube Refund App does all the rest of the form filling and submission to the tube website for you.

4)Wait at home for your refund voucher!



Let’s take an example – every week it costs £44 for a zones 1-5 travel card.

On an average week there will be 1 or 2 delays on any given leg of the journey (that’s right if both legs of the journey are delayed on a day you are entitled to a refund TWICE!).

Being conservative – lets say we use the tube-refund application to claim back 2 single fare journeys.

That’s £8 pounds back in a week! (Two £4 REFUNDS in a week!)



Tube Refund has been created to make it easier for anyone to claim a refund when your tube is delayed.

• No more forgetting to claim!
• No more filling out long forms!
• Tube Refund does it all for you!

Tube Refund currently only works for Oyster Cards and TFL Cards. National Rail Refunds will be available in the next update!

Thanks @the_defiance