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Van Damme - Splits

A few days ago Volvo Trucks released an ad, teasing the release of their latest ad.
Oh yes, we do that now.

As you may have guessed from the  clever title, this campaign features ‘vans’, or in this case Volvo Trucks, and Van Dammes, just one, Jean-Claude (of course).

The Teaser

Tantalising isn’t it?
Well wait no longer. It is the 14th, we do have the stunt and it is awesome.

Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split

Thanks for pointing this one out @JanPruijser

WTF QR Codes?

There is a Tumblr blog that specialises in pointless QR Codes, I think they would be most rewarded to consider this:

It is actually quite a clever ad, created by DDBO Mexico for VW, demonstrating the immense amount of orange crates that will fit in the back of their vans. But still…