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Plumb Drunk

In this amazing viral stunt, a group of mischievous mates replumb an entire house so every tap flows with Tui beer.
What a horrible trick to pull. You really know who your friends are, hey?

You can watch the full length version here

The stunt was created by Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand and although we may not believe every aspect of this pleasing prank, the sediment still remains.
Tui’s are a cool brand!


Va Va Voom

French Girls

Renault’s latest online offering has already accomplished  viral success. Their simple test-drive video has already clocked up over 2.5 million views in under a week.


‘What did they do?’ I hear you cry. Jump from space? Make a pony dance? Gangnam Style???

No…. They made French girls dance in their underwear. #Winning

They also did a more female friendly version. Let me know what it’s like.

Vinyl Viral

The latest faux throw viral sees patrons of the social music discovery app, MusicBunk, going for a record throw as they defy physics and try to land a series of LP’s on a self-branded portable turntable (my favourite is the miss, adds an edge of realism).

(And the kick… You gotta love the kick)

I almost feel like we’ve seen enough of this format, but it’s is fun and I can already imagine the Shoreditch Championships that will be taking place in the Village underground. God damn hipsters.



The Amazing Dr. Connors

This weekend saw the release of the new Spidey viral. Here we see Dr. Curt Conners (played by Rhys Ifans) requesting interns for Oscorps latest regeneration programme, one that may see the limb lacking Connors take a turn for the worse.

As enticing as this may be, let us not forget all the hard work Sam Raimi put into developing Dr Connors character in the form of Dylan Baker. For two films he sat at the back of the class , one arm sleeve completely and subtly turned up whilst he gently forged a relationship that would soon test the moral fabrics of our troubled teen protagonist. This slow but ever present character development really resonated with me and I couldn’t wait for the next episode of the Spidey saga so I could see what becomes of the friendly Dr.Connors. Unfortunately, as we know, Raimi threw in the towel and the worlds most iconic, comic character was thrown into a dark gothic world.

Only time will tell whether Garfield can embody Peter Parker as well as Tobey Maguire did, or whether 500 days of Summer director Marc Web really has got the wrong end of the stick.

Via Movie Emporium.

Happy Birthday David

Y’all know how I just lurve Robots…

Well here’s the latest release from a company called Weyland Industries:

This is the second viral we’ve seen for Ridley Scott’s upcoming Alien prequel, Prometheus. I would really like to believe in these viral and delve deeper into the franchise whilst imagining I was living a future in which Weyland was real but unfortunately those responsible manage to thwart me at every step, plastering each piece of communication with words to the devastating effect of – ‘This is just an add for a fictional film, do not suspend your disbelief!’ or alternatively ‘Prometheus Viral’.

Just for one moment let me get lost in space (oh no… that was a different franchise entirely).

Last Week on the Net

Last week I was at home in the sticks, with an internet signal as strong as a baby’s little toe. I became so annoyed at the word ‘Buffering’ I soon gave up on the whole thing. Here are just a few of the items that seemed to draw me in before giving me the metaphorical finger:

Red Ted Band Trailer

I was able to see were giffs of Marky Mark singing the Thunder song with the new bear on the block, which only made matters worse.

Project Glass

This really frustrated me, I wanted to see what was all shiny and new in the tech world… oh, and the inevitable parodies that were to follow:

Augmented Lolz

And none of this was more frustrating than not being able to hear what Snoop had to say about his new book. So Snoop, drop it like it’s hard(back).

It feels so good to get all that off my chest.