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Beer Chase

From the beer that brought us my favourite ad EVER (Don’t worry, I’ve included it at the bottom)… comes the latest in comedy commercial capers from Carlton Draught. Their recent instalment follows some post heist bandits as they attempt a getaway from the local law enforcement.  What separates this from any other classic chase scene is this… they don’t want to spill their precious Carlton Draught, so they make their escape on foot with the police in toe (and on toe). Don’t worry my Blues Brothers, it still contains all the classic car chase clichés, making this commercial… hilarious!

Beer Chase:

This practically perfect 80’s pastiche was created by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne. Good work boys! And here is another ‘big ad’ from that refreshing bar beverage that is… ‘Made from Beer’.

Big Ad:

Via RichlyEvocative.

The Tug Toner

I’m not turning into a Jimmy Kimmel fan boy, but I have been watching a lot more of his stuff and I like what I see. Hmm, maybe I should make him his own board on Pinterest… Oh, sorry. Typing out loud.

You may, as I am, also be a big fan of The Big Bang‘s Kayley Cuoco. So I assume you wouldn’t have missed the Ellen DeGeneres private workout interview. Well I’ve just stumbled across Kimmel’s contribution to what can only be described as ‘The wanking work out regime’.

20 Seasons of Simpson’s D’OH!

This morning I heard a familiar sound coming from a colleagues computer…


UPROXX covered it pretty nicely:

‘Someone, specifically a YouTuber going by the name of Andrewjcm, spent who knows how long compiling this compilation of each instance Homer Simpson uttered the word “Doh” in seasons 1-20 of The Simpsons. That’s some dedication right there!

And not to beat a dead horse here, but this is a perfect example of the type of wonderful internet creation that SOPA/PIPA would endanger. Andrewjcm could go to jail for making this, in fact! Just something to think about. GOOD MORNING!’

I could kill for a Wilkins Coffee

I don’t actually know where these came from, I just found it open on my desktop.  I’m sure some trailblazing tweeter, would have stumbled across it in a magical moment of discovery.  But hey, I’ve got no idea who it was, thanks anyway:

Yeah, the first two are definitely the best, but hey are all pretty brave attempts at selling coffee.  I mean, 50% of the characters refuse to even try the product, but I suppose they do get shot in the head.  So what did we learn?

Drench: Cubehead

Apparently this was out in August last year.  I must say I completely missed it, I expect on its first showing (or possibly even before) it would have received 21 complaints from discerning members of an old people home in Scunthorpe.  And despite the 809,000 ‘likes’ through various video channels and websites, that should serve as sufficient percentage to get it taken off the air before a 5 year old child is exposed to it and ends up carving his face into removable cubes.

Well… better safe than sorry.

Credits go to:

Creative agency: CHI & Partners
Creative team: Ed Edwards, Dave Masterman
Director: Ulf Johansson, Smith and Jones