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Condom Ads

I’ve been working hard, and the moment I stop the idea of blogging exhausts me more, so here’s just something that’s been sitting on my desktop praying not to be deleted.

It’s the biggest advertising cliché but it’s a build up to the last ad, which actually did make me chuckle.

So enjoy, or don’t… I really do not care:

The Real mens room

Choose your-rinal

Big Dick's are a drag

HA! Sucker.

And here’s a nice little trailer for an advertising funded film about advertising funding, because it’s slightly apt:

Courtesy of CarbFreeCretins.

I hope you enjoyed this more than I didn’t.

This orange ad is Juicy!

This really had my jaw on the floor.  Not only because it’s almost embarrassingly sexy , not because I’m a prude or anything but I watched it at work and the boner didn’t go down at all well (if you know what I mean), but the WTF factor just gets better and better as the piece goes on.

Don’t enjoy this too much:

I know nothing about this ad, where it came from/when/why? But it does seem to go a long way to define seriously randumb.

How Dare Wii

OK, final post before the weekend, but I had to get this one out.

Although I don’t really think words can quite prepare one for the most recent game to hit the kids console.

Games night around the lads house may never be the same again.

HA!  I’ve just noticed that is has been created by the ironically titled UbiSoft.