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I feel slightly estranged to this blogging malarky, but better way to get back in the saddle than a post dedicated to Friday funnies. So here they are…

World’s funniest eye witness account recorded via voicemail:

Funny or Die parody Chipotle’s recent ad, Scarecrow:Chipotle - Scarecrow

This ad:

And… I made another Friday Photoshop:Look Who's Tolkien


To help bring a little joy to your Monday moaning I thought I’d post this inspiring use of photoshop, for both good and evil… both are good.

Firstly I’d like to spread some light on this dark image:

This image has haunted the internet for over a year and that’s nothing compared to the poor woodland Redneck that pulled it from his deer cam. But the truth behind this mysterious underling has recently surfaced on reddit (either that or it’s an even cleverer hoax on the original clever hoax).

Now for some more enlightening news.

After a family of Star Wars fans take a trip to Sequoia National Park, graphic designer Dad Anthony Herrera decides to make it a day of Ewok hunting amongst the Endor style redwood forest. These are the events that followed in his own words:

“A year ago we took a trip to Sequoia National Park. I wanted to excite my daughter while being in such amazing surroundings. Being the Star Wars geek that I am (so is she), I told her that this is where the Ewoks live. She spent a good chuck of our time hiking keeping a lookout for any Ewoks. Coming home I can’t say that she wasn’t disappointed that we didn’t find any. I had to explain that they are extremely shy and hardly ever let anyone see them. After we got home, and after I had a little time alone with the photos, I told her I thought I saw something strange in a few pictures. We viewed them on the TV to get a larger image. You can imagine how surprised and excited she was when we discovered that we didn’t see any Ewoks, but they saw us, and had certainly taken an interest in her and her little brother. Maybe I’m a little wrong for lying to her and falsifying the pictures, but I don’t care. She’ll never forget the time she spent in the big woods with Ewoks.

See his post here.

Looking at those happy family photos does make me a little envious, I wish I had an Ewok.

Anyhoo, I hope this has brightened your Monday. See you again soon!!!
(…metaphorically speaking.)


As many of you may know, there has been a little unrest in the streets of London over the past few days. Our beautiful city now resembles that of sci-fi horror flick, the dystopian future has become our now. Yet out of the flames comes one tumblr blog that is striving to put a positive spin on such a horrendous thing…


Here are some of my faves:

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And here are some of my own:

Michael's a riot

The route of the problem

The classic fan throw/castanet move

"You're going down for a long time."

Jumping on the Bieber Burger Wagon

Good luck all.

Charlie’s Meme

So I thought Friday and the weekend would have brought us far more Sheen Meme madness due to Thursday’s rant.  Sadly there was only a spattering and the most interesting of which was a meme generator.

So, for want of a better idea, I went about creating my own images…


Combining the existing style of ‘LOL Cats‘ with a few choice Charlie quotes, create a range of nearly amusing images under the title…

Charlie’s Meme

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We’ve also seen the Jefferson quote on YTMND.

More excitingly however, we finally have Charlie Sheen Soundboards!!!!




I’ve also been looking for a good aut0tuned version, but it appears there is not one (yet), but there’s quite a good dub-step remix.