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Layar, the AR specialists and general technologic innovators, have stepped up the game again. This time, instead of using AR to enrich the world around you, they’ve applied it to the things you read.

This execution is not only the smoothest most seamless integration of AR onto real life products, but it also seems like a user friendly back end, so much so that even troglodytes could become immediate masters of the augmented world.

Good work guys, keep it up!


Dentsu London have created these adorable AR teddies that live independent of human interaction, communicate with one another, act out stories and are generally really frikkin cute:

Congrats guys!

If you want to see this real life cartoon crossover they will be on display at ‘Designs of the year’ until 15th of July. If you want to buy one… Get in line!

Playstation Vita does AR

The lastest Sony update you’ve not been waiting for will be released on February 12 2012 and it shall be known as Vita!

Turns out though, that this new model may be a little more than a remake of the shoddy Game Gear their previous PSP offering led us to believe.

Amongst the, now pretty bog standard internet integration, they may have done something quite exciting… AR!

Yeah it’s not new and a lot of you may even be bored of hearing that two letter combination. But if this new vid is anything to go by, the hand held capabilities and the evolution of AR could lead to some pretty cool stuff (that may well get boring within a few days).

Look at it!

Augmented Reality is one of the directions open to PlayStation Vita developers and it was announced that six Augmented Reality markers will be available at launch, with three games available to download for free from PlayStation Store. To see how these are going to be used, we saw this AR technology video.

More details here.

National Geographic ARrrrrrrrr

It’s nothing particularly new and I’m not sure how interactive it is but oh how I would love to walk with Dinosaurs.

There is a pretty cool National Geographic road show touring shopping centres in Hungary right now, an augmented reality installation that lets the thousands of people passing by interact with the type of content they would find on the National Geographic channel, from dolphins and dinosaurs to leopards, spacemen and lots more.

It works by placing a huge digital screen and high-powered camera in front of an AR marker that is stuck to the ground. As people step onto the marker, the content comes alive on the big screen in front of them. A neat little trick here was having what looked like a park ranger (or something!) who was there to help people interact with the augmented reality content and make the whole installation a little more interesting. Created by the guys at AppShaker.

Via @RichlyEvocative and DigitalBuzzBlog

Parrot’s go to war

Well, depending on your affinity towards aves, this could be more or less exciting than you expected.

Remember the AR Drone helicopter?

Well now things have just got more competitive.  On the 26th of this month (Nov 2010) Parrot will release a competitive app that adds an AR armory to your iPhone enabled chopper.  This will allow two friends/enemies to battle against each other, viewing the fray through their iPhone as it registers damage both dished and deserved.

I think this looks brilliant and can’t wait for a couple of mates to drop $300 a piece to purchase a pair of Parrots.

Oh…  I’ll just keep waiting then.


The future of AR, Big Glove’s and Sasha Grey

This week some great things have already been brought to my attention by the ever unearthing HelloKinsella.

As we all know AR may be getting so, as Stevie Wonder would describe, yester-me, yester-you, yester-day (Sorry, Glasto is still repeating on me (in more ways than one)), but it’s full applications have still not yet been realised.  I myself have been chirping on about what the world will be with AR glasses.  Merely glancing in a corner could bring up your facebook, Google maps or phonebook, incorporating flawless voice and finger recognition, even using that painty nails tech.  Well, unfortunately I ain’t no Patrick Bovine, so I can not demonstrate this through the power of after effects, fortunately… I am not the only one who fantasises about pointless conceptual technologies.

Thank you Spannungs:

My next point (if you will excuse the pun), was supposed to be your cursor, (but bloody wordpress won’t let me play). 

In celebration of Michael Jackson’s life and in homage to the anniversary of his death, some clever chaps have created an MJ white glove cursor for desktops, websites and blogs (but not mine).

Here’s a little of what they have to say:

“The glove was a symbol of his artistry, genius and magic. Our tribute is a beautiful gesture to honour his music and contributions that made the world a better place.”

And last but not least, Sasha Grey with her tits out!
Well, you have to highlight any area that you want to uncover in this cool bit of code, but the results are as advertised:
Cool, clever, simple, stylish, trendy and nearly nude.  I can’t think of many ways to improve this.
Try it here.