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Today I have mostly been making… Kevin Systrom parodies.

Unfortunately I’m about a month late, but my mate just sent me the video of Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom giving his verdict of the facebook Instagram buyout. If you’ve not seen it, here it is:

And here’s the fun I had with it.

Just having a laugh.

Reoccurring News

I seem to reference this video at least once a month, yet it takes me nearly that long to find it. So I’m posting this for reference purposes only… And it’s pretty cool.

This is a perfect example of forward thinking.



And may I never have to crawl through interwebs to find this again!


Sexist Advertising Wins?

I’ve literally changed the subject matter of this post… yeah sure I’ll get on to talking about the important matter of JCP creating horribly sexist ads that degrade woman and should be banned from television, online and the minds of genuinely gentrified human beings.

But first… Check this shit out. It’s amazing!

Thank you Lynx… thank you.

Now as I was saying Saatchi & Saatchi (New York) released an ad earlier this year that was ferociously accused of being sexist. It used an 18 year old Phoebe Cates to keep men entertained whilst the girls looked at shopping.Disgraceful!

… Funny, but DISGRACEFUL!

It all seems a little pathetic now doesn’t it?

P.S. Top comment:

… Nuff said.

Via Jens Meijer and Tom Sneddon respectively… I mean RESPECT!

B-ad placements

These two newspaper articles have been circulated today and they were met with some rapturous laughter, so I thought I had to share with all.

This is what I like to call a b-ad placement.

Look at his little face on this 'special' day.

Many are still laughing and I think I see tears.

Senior Citizen’s Arrest

This amazing footage was captured by a good for nothing punk that wasn’t prepared to get himself involved whilst a gallant grandma takes on a gang of thieves.  It was not until one of the perps was restrained on the floor that he decide to thoughtlessly run over, consequently destroying the remaining footage.

Seriously, an old lady has bigger balls than you.

P.S. Thanks for the upload.

Justin Paedo

The truth is out, and for all of those doomsayers that thought Justin Bieber was too squeeky clean, The Onion can now reliably reveal… They were right!

Great work once again Onion, but doesn’t this unveiled violator look a lot like YouTube superstar DCLugi???

WANTED for crimes against kids (and music)

Only thyme will tell.

Bed Intruder Song

This is yet another example of how fast a meme can spread.

See it, want more, get more.  I love the internet!

So, someone breaks into to a ladies room at night and clambers into her bed.  But from this tragedy rose a new star.  And within 11 days, his music was being taught in schools.

Original News report:


Plus; already made into a score and practiced by kids all over the world: