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The New Year Rises

Happy new year! And welcome back to normality.

I was without my laptop throughout the festive season so I couldn’t post the early Christmas gift that was…

the Prometheus trailer.



But that is a little too glum to start the year with and with the new Batman movie on the horizon, this is far more suited to see in 2012:

The Lion King Rises


Happy New Year!

Playstation Vita does AR

The lastest Sony update you’ve not been waiting for will be released on February 12 2012 and it shall be known as Vita!

Turns out though, that this new model may be a little more than a remake of the shoddy Game Gear their previous PSP offering led us to believe.

Amongst the, now pretty bog standard internet integration, they may have done something quite exciting… AR!

Yeah it’s not new and a lot of you may even be bored of hearing that two letter combination. But if this new vid is anything to go by, the hand held capabilities and the evolution of AR could lead to some pretty cool stuff (that may well get boring within a few days).

Look at it!

Augmented Reality is one of the directions open to PlayStation Vita developers and it was announced that six Augmented Reality markers will be available at launch, with three games available to download for free from PlayStation Store. To see how these are going to be used, we saw this AR technology video.

More details here.

Old Spice Challenge Mano-a-Mano

Exciting news; the now newer, hairier and generally shitter Old Spice guy, Fabio Lanzoni, has challened the old Old Spice guy, Isaiah Mustafa to a duel. His challenge video starts with a mocking impersonation of the original and universally loved ad, very dangerous when you’re an over the hill model relying on nothing but cheap visual gags instead of a tight script and an inspirational front man.

They’re making a song and dance over it via YouTube and Facebook and as Weidens and Kennedy (the Ad Agency responsible) proved with their follow up  Twitter campaign, they know how to nail digital. So in true Isaiah style, the challenge was accepted with that near famous, well constructed vernacular and effortlessly confident delivery that we now expect from Old Spice. Oh sorry, old Old Spice.

It will be interesting to see if Fabio gets any support, or if he really is overshadowed by the far more proficient character and if he is, what this will mean for the future advertising of the brand. Either way, there will be a live final (as stated in’t video) today at 12:00 EST or around 17:00 GMT. You can experience the testosterone based battle here.


Today’s feature is Kronum.  A simple new game from the USA.

The rules are easy, watch:

Now did you get all that?

Well not to worry, just enjoy some of the highlights.  You don’t need to know the rules with commentary this riveting:

I hope he’s stoned, I didn’t think an American could ever sound that boring.

More Kronum action here.

Gaga goes galactic – Born This Way

First of all I think I have something to confess…  I like Gaga.

I’m not sure whether it was her cut through, fresh and slightly bizarre take on fashion, her catchy yet cool anthems (such as Poker Face), the curiosity over her sexuality, or the fact that ‘Gaga’ sounds funny when said in a Bristolian accent… Gaggah!

(hold your suspense, it WAS the later)

Anyway, it does not matter why I became an avid fan.  What matters is that she has just released a new video which seems to merge many many ideas, themes and references in to one sci-fi extravaganza, which I like to call an #Extravagaga (I just checked, it’s already well documented).

I like to think of this as listening to TLC’s 90’s hit ‘Waterfalls’ on the spaceship from MJ’s ‘Scream’, whilst autonomous Manson drones switch heads in a fashion akin to Mombi in the ‘Return to Oz’.

Lady Gaga – Born This Way


Possible Powar

I know this is not going to appeal to everyone, but I made it, so I’m going to post it.  So here’s what happened…

I read this.

Which in short says that Advertising giants WPP are merging some of their smaller agencies to form a brand new digital agency called Possible Worldwide.  The President of which will be ex-blue MD, Kenny Powar.  So my brain starts ticking and…

I found it funny.



Happy New Year!!!

Hi all, I know I’ve been away for a while.  I was experiencing Dubai and Thailand over Christmas and New Year and they were both awesome.  So on my happy return I thought I’d gift you with a couple recent vids.

This is pretty cool take on multi-media video from Intel:

And Ronnie and Harry talk technology in this funny sketch:


I hope you enjoyed, HAPPY NEW YEAR!