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This is the best thing I have ever seen!!!! (OK, that might be a bit much but it is refreshingly brilliant.)

Innovative and interactive without the need for an Arduino… Genius!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/44866791]

Here’s what the creator – @Disselkoen – has to say about it:

For four years, each day I took the same tram to art academy. Why would you then look out the window with curiosity when there is no reason to expect anything new. I decided to change the daily journey for my fellow passengers and myself. I wouldn’t move the tramway track, but maybe I could add something. Make something so that what already exists would look very different now.

Man-eater is part of my graduation project “Remake Reality” for the Royal Academy of Art, The Netherlands.

For my portfolio, please visit danieldisselkoen.nl
Music: “Contemporary Individual” by Superhumanoids (superhumanoids.com/)



Dentsu London have created these adorable AR teddies that live independent of human interaction, communicate with one another, act out stories and are generally really frikkin cute:

Congrats guys!

If you want to see this real life cartoon crossover they will be on display at ‘Designs of the year’ until 15th of July. If you want to buy one… Get in line!

Nyan Cat Appears on Spotify

The infamous Nyan Cat is now available on Spotify, but that’s not the fun bit… Look at the progress bar at the bottom.

It’s nigh on amazing!

I may be a little late to the party, but that would be because I have abandoned Spotify since it forced me to log in through facebook. And my hatred of this is not only (but including) for the fact I wish to listen to Cindy Lauper in peace without informing my facebook friends or even having to adjust my privacy settings, but it also irks me that I’m now constantly updated with every bit of drivel my so called friends feel like listening to on this now too public channel.

Via @SebAshton


I’ve only just advanced the necessary spaces to land upon this amazing iteration of the classic board game. (thanks to @D_NS) It’s like they’ve taken the idea of Monopoly and really spun it on its head. This is blue sky thinking at its best… Or maybe it’s just:


Welcome to the creative wankfest that is Admonopoly! Race around the board wasting your creative talent and build as many ‘award-winning’ campaigns as you can! So get your ‘starters for ten’ and your ‘adcepts’ ready, as you scurry around the shops of London consistently ‘bringing your A-game’ until you become the most feared adman in town. Found here.

And to add more interactivity to monopoly’s monopoly over gaming there’s now FourSquaropoly.

Via @theMightyBeard

Scroobius Pip is Playing Games

Scroobius Pip is not only the latest legend on the block merely due to his effortless lyrics and and free flowing style. He is also known as the man with the mighty beard.

Here he is chopping off his favourite facial friend…


But today we are here to celebrate his beard in its most recent incarnation, an online game.

In collaboration with actionscript developer Jop Wielens and design and illustration from Akiro Studios Scroobius Pip proudly presents…


Bash the spacebar and use your mouse to guide Pip using his mighty beard.  Collect items, avoid baddies and gain high scores.

It’s a bit of fun, not ground breaking. There’s some nice little soundbites in there, but that’s about it.


Secret Garden Party 2011

My work place has recently asked me to write an article for it’s monthly newsletter. Seen as the last month or so has been a great time for festivals and summer fun and I myself am indeed a festi-loving patron, I thought I’d write about my recent experience at The Secret Garden Party. So myself, a few workmates, friends and friends of friends all descended upon the little farm grounds of Huntingdon and so the party began…


Today I have returned from the green fields, great stages and strange rabbits that have inhabited the Secret Garden Party over the weekend. As soon as we walked into the giant green playground, faced instantly by a helter skelter, big wheel and the auspiciously named den of ‘The Artful Badger’, I knew the glue crew and I were all in for an amazing experience.

But instead of rabbiting on about the festival fun that was had by all (apologies for the pun), I thought I’d put a digital slant on my gatherings.

Unfortunately for the tech side, this was a world of fields and farms, unlike the UK’s festival powerhouse (Glastonbury) there was no electronic element to this adult playground (except for the cyber man making music from his futuristic cyber suit). Where Glaso (with Orange, The Guardian and Poke London) had made its programme available in a comprehensive smart phone application, with interactive map, easy to use programme, clash finder and facebook sharing, SGP was instead confusing its patrons with an over wordy and under simplistic programme upon us. Yet in truth, I needed it not. I was far too content bowling round the comparatively small festival with nothing more than friends and fun, neither application nor programme required.

Another refreshing aspect of this peace and love festival is the lack of branded experiences. No massive 3D Sky-dome scarring the landscape, no Pimms bus or Tuborg tent (OK, you can’t win ‘em all) and most of all the Orange’s wi-fi friendly ‘Chill and Charge’ tent had been replaced with a few solar panels and a couple of hippies willing to charge your mobile.  ‘Far out dudes.’

In short, I think we were all glad to remove our digital jackets for one weekend and replace them with zebra suits, big-faced cats, Wolverine costumes and of coarse, a Ninja Turtle.

Until next year… Peace!


To promote the retro/Shoreditch cool pixelating iPhone app, ‘Pixel Face’, Grimaceworks created this lovely little webgame, based on the hipsters hit ‘being a dickhead is cool’.
Answer the kwestions in this kwl kwz to find out exactly how bigger tw@ you are with the ‘Dickheadometer’:

Yeah? What of it??? Being a dickhead is cool!


What surprised me was that it seems to be built solely to promote an app, without any branding (cue gasp).
…unless the app was built to promote the production company. Whoa dude, I think I’m tweaking.

Stay tuned for Font Face… coming soon.