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Twisted Valentines

To celebrate the most romantic day of the year, Machinima and PlayStation have created a viral site to promote one of their most unromantic games ever… Twisted Metal.

On February 14th (or… ‘Valentines Day’) you can join the queue to take your turn blowing the shit out of the classic Twisted Metal Ice Cream truck.

Shoot My Truck


The script is as excellent as I assume the budget was. This seems to be a no holes barred twisted blow out and honestly… I could not have wished for a better Valentines present.

I also stumbled across this beautifully romantic video from Twisted Metal’s own Sweet Tooth:

Be Mine

Strangely it seems to have noting to do with the Shoot My Truck campaign. But it still looks amazing, creates a great atmosphere and is kinda funny.

Nyan Cat Appears on Spotify

The infamous Nyan Cat is now available on Spotify, but that’s not the fun bit… Look at the progress bar at the bottom.

It’s nigh on amazing!

I may be a little late to the party, but that would be because I have abandoned Spotify since it forced me to log in through facebook. And my hatred of this is not only (but including) for the fact I wish to listen to Cindy Lauper in peace without informing my facebook friends or even having to adjust my privacy settings, but it also irks me that I’m now constantly updated with every bit of drivel my so called friends feel like listening to on this now too public channel.

Via @SebAshton

Get High in FiberOne

I’m still finding this hard to believe:

The legendary stoners Cheech and Chong are back (although looking a little long in the tooth) promoting high times and a high fibre diet…?

WTF? I hear you tweet.

Well you are right to ask, I myself had to click through a variety of products and homepages before I actually believed it. But this awesome trailer for a fake movie has one goal in mind… Sell more mystical magic brownies. I’m sure they must be at least pushing some trading standards by insinuating their chocolate treats contain THC’s but I don’t care. It’s good to see a relatively dull brand do some really exciting stuff. Keep it up.


Honestly… here’s the homepage:




Scroobius Pip is Playing Games

Scroobius Pip is not only the latest legend on the block merely due to his effortless lyrics and and free flowing style. He is also known as the man with the mighty beard.

Here he is chopping off his favourite facial friend…


But today we are here to celebrate his beard in its most recent incarnation, an online game.

In collaboration with actionscript developer Jop Wielens and design and illustration from Akiro Studios Scroobius Pip proudly presents…


Bash the spacebar and use your mouse to guide Pip using his mighty beard.  Collect items, avoid baddies and gain high scores.

It’s a bit of fun, not ground breaking. There’s some nice little soundbites in there, but that’s about it.